Who We Are

Welcome to Cloneville Illinois! We are excited to provide California’s premier cannabis strains to the market here in Illinois. Cloneville has teamed up with the Green Team, based out of Springfield Illinois to bring some of the highest total THC and terpene count, quality exotic genetics to both the medical and recreational markets in Illinois. We are one of California’s oldest genetic companies and we still have our flagship store in Studio City California. We offer the latest popular as well as legacy strains that have been used to place in Cannabis Cups throughout California. We carry strong, healthy pest and disease free genetics!

Cloneville is one of the oldest legal cannabis genetics businesses in the country. We have been providing quality products since 2005. We have worked alongside some of the pioneers in the cannabis industry like Dennis Peron and Americans for Safe Access, as well as, NORML. The owner, Calvin Frye, has starred in several documentaries and TV shows promoting cannabis since the early 2000s. We have acquired legendary strains phenotypes and work with some of the best master growers in the country. We still pheno hunt and crossbreed to get the best genetics we can create to satisfy the growing demand for potency and high terpene value. We are constantly seeking partnerships and making ways nationally to bring genetic quality to all legal cannabis markets.