We at Cloneville believe in providing the needed and highly sought after service in providing quality genetics to cultivators. We have listened to the demands of personal growers as well as large scale cultivators and the clear message is – Quality Genetics! Cloneville has been here since the beginning of the Cannabis movement in America. We have amassed some of the most sought after genetics over the last decade or so. We DON’T deal in inferior phenotypes. We don’t just pop seeds and sell clones off of untested phenos. We have either grown them out and tested them or acquired them from legendary growers who have proven their worth over the years. You can depend on these principles when you get clones or teens from us.

  • Quality Phenotypes
  • Pest Free
  • Disease Free
  • Healthy and Rooted Clones

Here’s our simply process

  • Send over you licensing and ID info to be verified.
  • Simply call us to check availability.
  • We then agree on pricing based on volume.
  • Then once verified, we will retain a deposit that is applied toward the balance.
  • If you possess a distribution license than you can pick up at Cloneville or otherwise we will by Illinois State law deliver them to you at the address on your license for a fee.

We do offer better cost savings and priority processing with cultivators who have a contract with us.